ExcelDocTypeUtils Update

At the suggestion of  a user (Paul Jensen … thanks for the sample code as well), I have updated the ExcelDocTypeUtils package making the COL_COUNT attribute of the T_WORKSHEET_DATA type optional.  This will allow users to introduce queries with varying numbers of columns dynamically, or use queries such as SELECT * FROM some_table.  In the previous version, the COL_COUNT attribute was mandatory.  I’ve also added a new function called getColHeaderString that will generate a delimited column name list for use with the COL_HEADER_LIST attribute of the T_WORKSHEET_DATA.  This could be used with a ‘SELECT * FROM …’ type query string.


v_worksheet_rec.col_header_list       := ExcelDocTypeUtils.getColHeaderString(v_worksheet_rec.query,v_worksheet_rec.worksheet_list_delimiter)

(Download the code here:Code)

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