Trinidad 2.0.0 PPR Bug with JSF 2.0 outputText Tag

I am currently in the process of porting all of my Oracle AS 10G R2 (OC4J) applications over to WebLogic  10.3.5.  After upgrading Oracle JDeveloper to version 11.1.2 and hand converting an old ADF 10.1.3 application to Trinidad, I ran into a curios issue.  None of my components that used PPR (Partial Page Rendering) would respond to events.  Most notably, pop-up dialogs triggered  by Command Buttons, or Command Links.  The dialogs would not pop-up, but I could see the events executing in the backing beans. After a couple of weeks of tracing log files, running code through the debugger, and digging into the source code for both JSF 2.0 and Trinidad 2.0.0, I came up with with nothing.  No error messages are ever thrown.  I even filed a bug report under an existing (similar) bug report (Trinidad-1813) with the Trinidad project group (they did respond and are looking into it).  To make a long story short, I finally found the issue.  All of my screens contained a outputText tag from the JSF component library (<h:outputText value=”This will cause PPR to fail.”/>).  As soon as I replaced this tag with the outputText tag from the Trinidad component library (<tr:outputText value=”This will not cause PPR to fail.”/>), my PPR events started behaving as expected.

I hope this helps someone who may be experiencing a similar issue.  This issue did not occur with the earlier releases of Trinidad and JSF.

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