Book Review: Oracle SQL Developer 2.1

Recently, I was given the opportunity to review a new  book published by PACKT Publishing entitled “Oracle SQL Developer 2.1“.    The book was written by Sue Harper, who works for Oracle Corporation and is a product manager for the SQL Developer tool.  I was actually excited to review the book.  I’ve been using Oracle’s SQL Developer tool on and off since it’s “Project Raptor” days.  I had yet to come across a definitive and all encompassing guide to using SQL Developer, until the UPS driver delivered the book into my hands a few weeks ago.

The book does a fantastic job of covering everything from basic installation and configuration to data modeling to  creating your own custom extensions to SQL Developer.   I was happy to see that it was written for all audiences from beginners to advanced users. Unlike a lot of “how to” books written about Oracle tools, this book isn’t packed full of fluff.  The book contains  13 chapters in 459 pages and covers all of the key features of the tool and more.  The chapters are concise and contain well thought out examples and illustrations. There are even small sections within topic areas  that provide what I call  “insider tips” containing useful tidbits of information.

I took this book to work with me over a two week period to verify it’s usefulness as a  day to day tool.  In that two week period, I read the book cover to cover and actually learned quite few new things.  I was most impressed with the coverage of new features such as the new data modeling component, and integration with Oracle APEX … new tricks for old dogs!   Chapter13, which covers the data migration feature, is an absolute gem.   The data migration feature is (in my opinion) one of the  most valuable and useful  components of SQL Developer.  I have actually used this feature to migrate SQL Server databases (structure and data) in their entirety to Oracle.   Every step of the migration can be accomplished using SQL Developer, and chapter 13 covers the process very well.

The bottom line … I give this book two thumbs up!  It’s definitely a must have for your tech library if you are a user of Oracle SQL Developer.

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